Seikkailin eilen eri blogeissa ja huomasin, että silmää miellytti hyvin hillityn väriset sivupohjat. Piristysruiskeellta löytyikin tällainen.

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"Ten Alternative Ways to Say "I Love You" to a Knitter"

1. The lady at the yarn shop said you like cashmere but she wasn't sure which color to suggest, so I just bought everything she had.

2. You shouldn't have to pull boxes out from under the bed every time you need to get a ball of yarn. Let me give you my closet.

3. Which would you prefer for vacation this year, sweetheart–New Zealand, the Shetland Islands or Rhinebeck?
4. Is that all you want? Why don't you have another look around in the sock yarn while I get out my credit card?

5. You look so hot when you're reading lace charts.

6. I can see you're counting, so I'll just make dinner, clean up afterwards, and put the kids to bed, so that when you're finished you won't have to wait for me to massage your hands. Okay?

7. Too much yarn? Don't be ridiculous. We can always add another room.

8. But, dearest, I think it would be silly for you to have only one spinning wheel.

9. It's called "Koigu." Do you like it? Is twenty pounds enough to make a sweater?

10. Put down those needles and come here, you sexy thing. One more row? Of course I'll wait.

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